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The Team

Meet Our People

Our current Teams, who we consider like family in Sarver Corp, are very passionate and committed to helping others. Sarver Corporation takes pride in providing excellent customer service to our business clients, quality attention to our highly appreciated customers, and continuous support of each of our members.

The Owners

I am the co-owner of Sarver Corporation. My job is to help the sales force, the lifeline team, and the community. I love interacting with our customers and helping people with getting a free phone, internet access, and getting back on their feet.

David Sarver

Co-Owner & Founder

Jon Sarver

Co-owner & Founder

I am the co-owner of Sarver Corp with my son David. Our goal is to set the vision, mission, and purpose of this company. We want to be a resource to all our employees and provide them with the best help that we can. Our goal is to expand our influence throughout the country. Our purpose is to help people enrich their lives and become all that they can be through telecommunications.

The Associates


Office Manager

I run the office here at Sarver Corp and make sure that everyone who is just starting is aware of our procedures. I assist the agents with any of the help that they need. I like being able to help out customers and agents and meeting new people.

I do payroll, inventory, and help around the office. What I love about working at Sarver Corp is that our bosses take the time to get to know you and are very understanding.


Office Assistant


California Sales Manager

I am the California sales manager. What I like about working at Sarver Corp is the assistance and the help that we not only provide to our agents, but to other people in need.

What I love about Sarver Corp is that our business plan is designed to help those in need and who are looking for opportunities to better themselves in life. That applies to both our agents and the customers that we work with.

Rob Swanson

Business Development & Inventory

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